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A winning attitude 

Winning basketball teams know and understand how important the mental state is for success and winning! When the pressure is on, a great team has mental tools to make a comeback quickly.

When the pressure is on one person to make a critical free throw, the tension affects the mental state of each member of the team. Wanting to make the free throw is not enough. Believing you will make it is critical. Hypnosis can create a massively powerful state that will increase anyone's free throw stats, even under pressure. The brain accesses the belief and the body unconsciously responds with accuracy.

No matter what you call it- hypnosis, visualization, NLP, it is simply about creating and accessing that state that is the zone- where you feel in control and confident.

Creating the anchors -while in a trance state- allows a player or an entire team to get back in their zone instantly, regardless of errors. When a player uses the anchors that are created for a flawless free throw, during a critical free throw, will put the player in control of the MindGame.

Just in case you want to find out how to make the shot EVERY TIME, call me. I can help you get your power back.

Basketball Hypnosis

Master the Mind Game

Nothin' But Net - Basketball Excellence

Was $79, now only $29.90!

Nothin' But Net -
Basketball Excellence

If you could do ONE THING to improve your basketball game...
To set you apart...
Give you consistent power...
And put you IN THE ZONE, on command...

If you could discover the single most important tool to make you the
best you can be at basketball...
Consistent... Powerful... Explosive

You would use Hypnosis

Athletes who are consistently at the top of their game, know the value of the being at the top of their game...
and using the power of hypnosis to get there and stay there.

Sports Hypnosis is a method of creating subconscious anchors that put you in the zone, even under pressure.

Imagine this:
The pressure is on... each point matters... the game depends on each and every free throw going in.
When you know that a free throw really matters, your confidence level will increase.
Your degree of certainty about the shot will be 100%.
Your subconscious mind will access ONLY the state of mind that will put the ball in the basket.

When you need to explode, defend, be a force, show the power of your intention, a hypnotically set anchor will make you unconsciously reach inside and go beyond your mental limitations.

Hypnosis has proven to be the one most effective tool to consistently put you in the zone.

The advancements in sports psychology are being made in the hypnosis field. Research shows dramatic improvement in sports performance when the mind is focused and experiencing new skills and abilities while in trance.

Imagery and visualization are part of the puzzle, but the most significant results in game improvement, results from hypnosis.

Your underlying beliefs must be in agreement with your goals.
Most athletes have common blocks to winning. They often have to do with worthiness and the core belief that you deserve to succeed or fail.
It is no mystery that games are won and lost on mental attitude. Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques can uncover and release the negative programs, and set powerful anchors that reach a core belief that you are unstoppable... unshakable... confident at all times.

Every athlete that I have worked with has dramatically improved their abilities and had their best performance ever in their sport as a result of our hypnosis sessions. I love to see an athlete discover how powerful and skilled they are when they are in the zone. Hypnosis allows you to tap into your true potential.

Every athlete in every sport can benefit with hypnosis training.
The MindGame Research Institute is expanding it's study of the hypnosis experience with athletes (adults and children).

Basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, figure skaters, runners, football, speed skating, tournament pool, tennis, swimmers, bowlers, pole vaulting, runners, skiing, golf and more.

If you are ready to experienced a real breakthrough in your game.
If you are a serious athlete or coach, you will want to find out how our discoveries can positively impact your performance. If your game, or your team is in a slump... or you just want to really explore your potential, without limits, call us.

About the program
Disc 1
On Fire!
Turn your game on, instantly. Get fired up and strong and unstoppable. This hypnosis session will make you stronger than you have ever been.
Anger Into Excellence
If you get angry your focus is gone. This session will make you instantly transform a moment of anger on the court, to a serious state of focus.
Ultimate Intimidation
Put on your game face and be a force that makes your opponents weaker and afraid of you when they see your face. Your posture, your stance, and your look will all communicate the strength of your game. Intimidation starts before the game starts.

Disc 2
Free Throw Accuracy
Create triggers in your mind for accuracy in your free throws. No matter how important the shot is, you will have nerves of steel and feel the strength of your shot. Your subconscious mind will have a trigger that initiates the effortlessness of the free throw so you can have the point when it matters the most.
Believe You're the Best
Do you deserve to win? Many athletes have some negative programming from past failures that kicks in during games. In this hypnosis session you will be taken to your core belief to find any issues that might be lurking, that create conflicts about winning.
Power Programming
Find your most powerful game, and program your inner mind to access that power every time you hit the court. You will strengthen the belief that you deserve to win, while anchoring an intense power into your game.

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Only $79 $29.90 for all six hypnosis sessions

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